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Our preliminary research into this market demonstrated a lack of new or innovative products in this sector for years. We also observed that the market suffers from a number of issues that would hinder those products from ever entering mainstream pharma. Primarily, tinctures, vapes and edibles are notoriously difficult to dose reliably, the products generally are taste adverse and the products do not lend themselves to helping children take their medicine. TITAN CBD does all of these things.

Our patent pending NANO Crystal™ Delivery system or NCDS™ for short, is a state of the art sublingual/buccal delivery system that is specifically designed to use our body’s physiological and cellular transport mechanisms to deliver cannabinoids at unprecedented rates and bio availabilities.

Science Of Titan

Our proprietary manufacturing process allows for unprecedented nanoparticle formation without the addition of excessive heat or changes to the chemical structure of the molecule. This allows our supplements to remain unchanged and undamaged when they are absorbed into your body.

Why Titan CBD is Better?

Titan CBD Next Generation Absorption Technology™ leads to higher bioavailability and a faster onset of action. Our product contains single and multiple doses of cannabinoids. Made from 100% natural ingredients with great flavors which also lasts longer than your typical CBD!

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