A Titan Among CBD Products

Titan CBD

TITAN CBD™ uses a patent-pending NANO Crystal™ Delivery system that uses our own body’s revolutionary cellular structure to deliver CBD faster and lasts longer.

Why is Titan CBD Better?

TITAN CBD uses Next Generation Absorption Technology™, a precisely formulated blend of cannabinoids engineered to maximize the benefits of CBN, CBG, and Vitamin B12 while retaining the effects of CBD.


Next Generation Absorption Technology™ leads to higher bioavailability.


A faster onset of action and longer lasting.


Our product contains single and multiple doses of cannabinoids.


Made from 100% natural ingredients with great flavors!

Shaping the future

When you need RELIEF, REST, or to RECHARGE, it’s time to experience the soft, fizzing sensation with a burst of a natural flavor in our NANO Crystals™.
Simply put, TITAN CBD is the future.

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